Current Research

Why so few African American women as Executive Leaders (VP/AVP) in Higher Education Administration?

Have you gotten a chance to visit a public university to notice how many African American and minority women are in executive leadership positions?  

Leadership positions for my research include President, Vice President, Associate/Assistant Vice President, Executive Vice President, Senior Vice President, Provost, CEO, CFO, and CTO in higher education administration. An organization is only as strong as its executive leadership. 

Survey – The Perception of Effective Leadership of African American Women as Executives in Higher Education. (3 minute survey with 15 questions) The series of questions represent possible experiences that individuals might have regarding African American women as executives in higher education.  

Please join in on the debate and let us know your thoughts on the subject. 

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Thank you for assisting with this research toward perceptions and career advancement for future leaders in higher education.