Belinda Collins, PhD

services provided

Dynamics of Innovation


A model for developing Innovators and Leaders to create a culture of excellence through a spirit of leadership with strategic planning, building partnerships, and continuous improvement. This model uses a different lens for action of progress, highest participation and program development. 

"L.E.A.D. [4] ACTION"

Academic Services


We offer consulting on Curriculum Development with the L.E.A.D. 4 Action program. We design, develop, and deliver engaging, interactive, and instructionally-sound materials and activities that address various learning preferences and are accessible for students.

"L.E.A.D. [4] ACTION"



Consulting is available for a wide range of services. Do you need to optimize or plan your small business? Do you need a plan to complete your tasks in a timely manner? Do you need a format to design your curriculum? Do you know how to develop learning programs? Make an appointment today to learn how to leverage Six Sigma and Project Planning systems to complete your projects before strict deadlines. 

You Can Do It!

"L.E.A.D. [4] ACTION"

Professional Development


Provide one-on-one and group meetings on continuous improvement processes and training workshops. Assist with establishing strategic plans, goals, and objectives. We help with building peer relationships and collaborating in the implementation of effective solutions. Professional Development includes leadership programs, coaching individuals, group workshops, conferences, retreats and much more.

"Learn, Evaluate, Adapt, and Deliver Results!"

"L.E.A.D. [4] ACTION"


I failed out of college in my first semester and that's when a university counselor referred me to Dr. Belinda. NOT ONLY she helped me to get back into college, but we agreed upon a program that suited me. THANKS TO HER I GRADUATED COLLEGE EARLY AND OFF TO LAW SCHOOL!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

                      - Brian W.

I started a small business on the side in hopes that it will become my main source of income! I was totally wrong and my business went nowhere fast. I heard of Dr. Collins through a co-worker, and decided to see if she was an informercial. She was better than advertised and my small business on side, is now my full time job. She saved me from corporate America. Thank you Dr. Collins!!

                    - Jay K.

After my first year of college, I was put on academic probation. My aunt referred me to Dr. Belinda and she help me get a campus job to complete that semester and a fresh start by transferring to another university where I graduated timely. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Dr. Belinda.

                          - Jonathan S.

During my last year of high school and preparation for college, my parents did not know what to do. My guidance counselor reach out to Dr. Collins for assistance for me. Dr. Collins crafted a program for me to follow. She held my hand guiding me through financial aid, grants process, SATs and college acceptance. During College, I fell of schedule of the program and she held me accountable. Due to her efforts, I graduated from the University of Texas. Hook EM! Thanks to Dr. Collins!

                        - Marcella H.

After my second year of college, my father became ill and I just conceived a child. Due to life circumstances, I had to take a break from college. I really did not know if I ever wanted to complete college. My mother met Dr. Collins at church and she reach out for assistance. Dr. Collins sat me down and made me realize what an education can do for me and my child. Dr. Belinda and I agreed upon a program. I followed the program, as it guided me through  college with a child. I am a true success story. I could not have graduated without her assistance. Thank you Dr. Collins!

                                   -Jasmine M.

Wow, I don't know where to start. I am teacher at a high school in Houston, TX. I been teaching there for six years and was looking for a principal position in the area. I just could not see why I was getting passed over. I reached out to Dr. Collins and she developed Career Tree for me. That Tree developed me in the areas I did not know I was lacking. After I completed the professional development program, the next school year I was promoted to Assistant Principal and now I manage the school  and teacher effectiveness. I will now use her for her curriculum programs. Thank you Dr. Collins.

                             - Kimberly B.